Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Two More Cords! Sheesh!

My first harvest: I wanted to eat something I’d grown.

Sometimes when I’m walking in the woods,
I excite the forest I'm so hot.

My gardens are like friends now. I tour them first thing each morning and often again, later in the day. Seeing things grow is amazing to this city boy (who talks really well now)!
My Beets are doing okay; they’re not spectacular, but perhaps they will become so over time. My Spinach is doing quite well. I think I’m going to get a good crop. The Garlic is raging and the berries all look good. There’s no sign of life yet on the Raspberries. The Peas and Beans are just getting started but they look robust and they’re in the best location in the garden.
Tuesday was drizzly, as was predicted. It was a great day for the garden and for forest fire danger reduction, but it didn’t rain enough to do anything for our aquifer. However, any rain is good.
I took Her Highness for a trail walk and came home to idle the day away when Bob, my wood supplier, called. Two more cords of wood arrive today. That meant I had to re-stack the fallen wood in the woodshed and clean up the garage yesterday so that I’ve room for the incoming wood today.
I actually enjoyed the work. Then I got back on track and lounged through the late afternoon and evening and just chilled.
It’s nicer today. The sun is in and out and I have wood to stack all day after the dog walk. I’ll be stacking for two days but then it will be over for the year. Yay!  Next, it’s onto working on the back yard.

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