Thursday, May 23, 2019


Wednesday was rough. I went through two migraine cycles starting not long after midnight. I felt awful until noon. I rested through the early afternoon and then watered the gardens until I had to stop to prepare dinner for Sue and Fran.
Four times through the day, I put the three new medications I have into my eye. I’m doing it all over again today. For almost a year, it’s been like seeing through thick Vaseline. To read, I have to move my head so much it looks like I have Parkinson’s. But as of Friday, it will finally be over. I find out this afternoon when, tomorrow, I get my procedure done. 
I made stir-fry for my guests. Stir-fry! It’s so unlike what I used to serve, but it’s healthy and Sue and Fran said they loved it. (And they really loved my cake that I thought was a tad dry.)
Today I’ve things to do but no guests and no migraines. I plan to take it very easy today and enjoy myself puttering around the yard. This afternoon, I hear when my “surgery” is tomorrow. Once it’s done, I have two weeks with no guests and no appointments. Heaven!

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