Friday, May 17, 2019

Still Stacking

When I started stacking yesterday morning, there was about 1.3 cords of wood to stack. It was doable in a day if I did nothing else, but there was no rush to finish so I took breaks whenever I wanted. There was no sun, but no rain either.
I had all the doors and windows open because it was really warm in spite of being overcast. And I had lots of rice and stir fry left over from the previous night to fuel my day, and cookies to reward each leg of my stacking journey.
These last two cords were quite “dirty.” There was a lot of shit wood, so I took some photos and I’m going to ask the seller why he delivered it. I’m burning it at nights; storing it was impossible.
I start my day at 5:00 am, so by 3:00 pm I was totally beat. I was cleaning up and noticed Sheba lying in the only “garden” created by the previous owner. The garden is basically a beautiful big gloriously red, Rhododendron. I called her and when she left, she let her ball roll under the deck where she couldn’t get it.
I got a coat hanger and stretched it out with a hook to fetch the ball. And when I got down on all fours to pull the ball out, I found a Clematis growing on the ground so after I got the ball, I used the coat hanger to train the vine up to my porch railing. A free plant and a beautiful vine! I was thrilled to find it.
Then I had a spa and chilled until Patsy arrived to pick me up for our dinner together at Surf Lodge. I was thrilled to be having a “date” with someone. I spend so much time alone, it was a treat to have company. We had a lovely dinner together.
Sheba went in for a haircut and wash at 9:00 this morning. On the way home, I did some shopping and picked up my new hummingbird protein feeder at the post office. I’ve put two bananas in it and in a week or so it should be swarming with fruit flies for the birds to eat.
Soon I’ll pick up Her Highness and then I’ll get back to stacking wood. When I finish, I hope the weather allows me to mow the lawn. It’s looking promising; it’s overcast but bright.

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