Thursday, May 16, 2019

Stacking: Day Six

Wednesday was gorgeous perfect day to start stacking the final two cords of wood for winter 2019/20. Thank God for sunshine and the enthusiasm and energy it gives me.
I got started late, after the dog walk. I schlepped and schlepped but my body was not as into physical labour as t was last during week’s stacking of two cords. But I did five hours of work and got a great start. It rained last night and it’s dawned on-and-off today—mostly on. It looks like it’ll be a good day so I’ll be getting back to stacking. I’m highly motivated to finish; once I’ve stacked these two cords I can get back to gardening.
I thought my wheelbarrow tire was tubeless—probably because it was convenient to believe that—but it’s not! A few wheelbarrow loads into my work yesterday, I discovered that my tire was flat and the tread was coming off. No wonder it has been so hard to push! 
Stupid me. I never looked at the wheel even though it seemed flat to me. I had no pump with which to fix it anyway; all I could do was carry on and that’s what I’ll be doing again today.
Tonight I’m having dinner with Patsy at The Surf. If I get all the wood stacked, tonight will be a well-deserved way to celebrate being finished.
I heard from my friend, Annabel. She is coming here on Tuesday for an afternoon visit. Sue and Fran are here for a week, starting the same day (but staying in a local B&B). They’re coming here to dinner on Wednesday. And on Friday, I have my eye surgery, so next week is a busy one.
Conrad Black strikes me as both disgusting and pathetic. I abhor the man and his wife. I loathe his relentless pursuit of status. To read that he was pardoned for his crimes by D. Trump made me glad I had my mental health crisis that moved me to this island and further away from the world of pretenders.
I am profoundly happy I moved to Gabriola.

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