Thursday, May 2, 2019

Morning Wood

A big job starts today. I’m getting two cords of wood, two more next week and two more the week after that. I can’t stack six cords of wood in one go; it’s the biggest physical challenge of my year—and before I stack the new wood, I have to move the balance of last year’s wood so the driest wood is most accessible for the balance of my fires this season. 
All I’ll do all day is stack; today I’m a wood wallah. I haven’t started yet and I hurt already from just thinking about it. One good thing though: It’s predicted to reach only 15° today, whereas tomorrow and all the days of next week are going to be in the twenties, so I won’t be sweating like a racehorse all day.
Having created the Garden of Stolen Stones, I’m thinking of creating a Garden of Lifted Loam. I’m going to steal some soil from the lot next door so that I can create a wildflower meadow in part of my backyard. It’s a project for tomorrow or the weekend, after all the wood is stacked.
Yesterday, I had a lovely morning weaving (anti-Deer) screening into the fence where it was required. I had to order a bit more screen so I can protect everything. The buds on the Grape vines are about to burst into leaves and will need protection.
I marvel as each new type of vegetable or herb emerges from the soil. I have no confidence in myself as a gardener, but these resilient little buggers are tough. My Nasturtiums emerged yesterday and I was ecstatic. They will flower under the teepee of Bamboo on which the Beans and Peas grow and in my hanging baskets. 
I also planted more salad sees, more Spinach and some Romaine.

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