Saturday, May 25, 2019

YAY Eye Surgery!

My word view is mighty strange this morning. Left eye: The fire is orange. Right eye: the fire is blue. Left eye: The sky looks grey and ominous. Right eye: the sky looks bright and blue and gives me the impression that the sun will soon be out. It’s discombobulating. My right eye is still swollen and its pupil is still three times the size of my left.
I had a great, long sleep last night after a long day of waiting—waiting for the ferry, waiting for my turn to go in for the procedure, waiting for the anesthetic to work in my eye, and then for the ferry again to come home. But it was a walk in the park and I was lucky to have Jay with me.
The doctor was great. He had a nice calm voice with which he explained everything. I was never tense. It took, maybe fifteen minutes and music was playing the whole time. And when it was done, I walked out of the operating room with a nurse, met Jay and immediately left. 
We made a beeline for food and then went to the doctor’s office to have his work checked. He felt he’d done a great job, so Jay and I took off for the 5:00 pm ferry home and when we pulled into the driveway, Sheba was waiting and watching for me. It felt so, so good to be home.  
I lit the fire to make the house cozy and warm. The hospital was cold; even the staff was complaining about the temperature. And I heated up left over stir-fry I’d saved to make dining last night easy for me.
As the freezing in my eye wore out, it was unpleasant to blink but it wasn’t painful. Besides, I was tired. I put my hard plastic cover over my eye and went to bed.
It’s been dull and damp all day. I’m actually thrilled because bright light is not comfortable yet for my right eye. So my beloved animals and I have been passing a nice quiet day together with the fire lit.

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