Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Excellent Eye

My eye is healing excellently. I could read the smallest print on the eye chart with it at Dr. Yearsley’s office! 
He asked me about the other eye. I initially said No to corrective surgery because it’s not that bad, but I’m reconsidering. I go back in six weeks and I will, if allowed, sign up to replace my other lens.   
We were back home by 12:30 and I was beat. I did precious little work around P.P. I had a nap, read, had a spa, ate and went to bed early. Life is dull, divinely so.
Today past as every one of the next ten days will: I did as I pleased with the time left after dog walking and watering. I did a run to GIRO with recyclables as part of an effort to bring order to the shed, and d id some transplanting and grocery shopping. (I can’t start a new project until all is in order everywhere else.)
And my new long-handled clipping shears arrived so I can do edging without ruining my back. I love all the errands I do because they all make my place look so lovely. My new Paulownia is visibly larger already. It’s so satisfying to be able to actually see growth (as I do in almost everything right now).
Tonight I’ll bake and tomorrow I plan to start work on the Fern Garden.

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