Sunday, May 26, 2019


At three o’clock yesterday afternoon, the sun came out after a long, dull, wet day. It felt wonderful to shed my clothes, slide into the warm water of the spa and use my crystal clear new vision to take in the gorgeous panorama of Pinecone Park. 
The swelling in my eye was down and its pupil was much smaller. And… praise Jesus, I type and read on my screen without glasses now!The new lens eye is far, FAR clearer than the one in my other eye. Now I have one supremely good eye and one weak one again.
A welcome outcome of the damp day was that I fetched and burned the rest of the detritus from the delivery of wood (that I’m going to complain about to the vendor.)  
I went to bed at seven and I slept for eleven hours! I’d been thoroughly exhausted all day and just gave up. I suspect the past week with Annabel, Sue and Fran here and then the surgery wore Chris.2 out.
Today is brilliant and it’s predicted to remain so for the foreseeable future. The gardening will resume in earnest. My Sweet Boxwood has sent up a zillion shoots that I will try to transplant today to other places in the yard. I love them; they bloom in February and have a sweet, sweet smell.
It’s a stunning morning and I’ve no need to water anything, so the day is ours to enjoy. I’ll enjoy a spa and then walk Her Highness. She’ll run free-range as I work on the gardens. Tonight I’m going to Sue’s and Fran’s place for drinks and then to dinner at The Surf.

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