Monday, May 6, 2019

Summer is Here!

Sunday was really lovely—so calm, quiet and easy (with no wood to move). I visited Darrell and Eaine and came home with four tomato plants and put them in my garden.
I mowed the lawns, transplanted the last of my shrubs needing relocation, swept the courtyard and watered the gardens before slipping into the delicious warm soothing water of the spa.
Is it work, or is it play, all that I do every day? It’s both really, and a fabulous way to pass my time whilst under “house arrest.” And I know all I do will make my house desirable when the time comes to sell.
I heard scratching and went to see what it was. It was in the guest bathroom. It was coming from the bottom drawer of the vanity, so I opened it and out popped Ethel.
For weeks, whenever I’ve gone into that bathroom, the lower drawer has always been open, and I close it. This time, I closed it with Ethel asleep in it. She’s discovered how to open the drawer and sleep inside it on the heating pad (that is not plugged in).
This morning I had a spa (today dawned very bright and warm) and then I went on a dog walk. Now I’m going to vote in a Federal by-election (Green, on a day of unsurprising but devastating news about human impact on the planet). Then I went shopping and came home to garden and bake.

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