Saturday, May 11, 2019

To the Big Smoke

Today was yet another gorgeous day. Walking with Sheba after my morning spa evoked memories of summers past. The smell of the moist earth was perfume to my nose, birdsong was the only sound and the thrill of the warm air on my skin was like a caress. Two or three times during the first hours of the day, I’d realize I didn’t have to move any wood and get a shiver of delight.
I think the Lilac smell I love in the air is due to the zillions of little Daisies growing wild everywhere. They’re all over my yard.
I watered my gardens and then set to work adding more anti-Deer screen to the fence surrounding the vegetable garden. Constructing this garden has been a blissful exercise. As I’ve done all the work, I’ve done it knowing that this one Spring of work will bring rewards, year after year. 
It took a long time; I didn’t finish until 2:00 (I started at around 10:00). It’s like sewing with wire; more than anything, it requires patience. The difficulty is compounded by my crappy vision (that gets fixed in two weeks).
Now, I’m off to the big city and when I get back, the rain starts. When it stops, I’ll start working on the part of my backyard I want to be a small wildflower meadow.

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