Sunday, May 19, 2019

Paulownia Tree!

Saturday was beautiful. It was bright and sunny (just as today is, so far). I went to the Farmer’s Market and there was a man selling Paulownia trees for $10, so I got one. I’ve long felt a decorative tree would enhance the front face of the house as well as providing some midday shade for the front garden; a Paulownia is perfect.
It has tall towers of fragrant blue flowers and drops gorgeous seeds, but the primary reason it’s perfect is that it’s the fastest growing tree I know of—it grows about two meters during each of its first two years. Its foliage will quickly be out of reach of the Deer.
A first: As I was mowing a little piece of lawn I saw something move. It was the cutest little frog; it hopped to safety under the porch. I haven’t seen a frog in the wild since my childhood. Thank God I didn’t kill it!
This morning is the big dog-walking group. Afterwards, I’ll be doing yard work of course! With all the wood stacked, now it’s time to start working on the three new gardens I want to create: A wildflower meadow, another small lawn and a Fern garden.
I’m chuffed about these three projects. I’ll see Mathew and Regina today on the dog walk and I’m going to ask them if I can have stones from their property. They proposed I do so and I think they were serious. I plan to use them to edge the path, meadow and fern garden.
It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Tuesday—perfect weather for the baking I need to do for the dinner I’m making for Sue and Fran on Tuesday night.

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