Saturday, May 18, 2019


Oh the joy of waking to a day that doesn’t involve stacking wood! I’m finished. It’s stacked—all six cords of it.  
Yesterday turned out to be a beauty—bright, sunny, warm and with a lovely gentle wind that made all the fresh green, green luscious leaves flutter their glory into my very appreciative and tired eyes.
When I was finished, I toured my veggie garden because it gives me such joy. My Lettuce is really coming along and I see buds on the Raspberries. Hallelujah. 
My spa, at the end of the day, felt supremely well deserved—as did the cookies. And then Sheba, all sleek and clean after her grooming, reclined with me on the sofa for the evening.
This morning is our first Farmers’ Market of the season. I’m going of course, after a dog walk; it’s always an exciting event. Everybody goes. But the rest of the day may be a big laze. The weather is not drawing me outside. I have sewing to do to keep my busy.
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This is my plan for the backyard. The entire area to the left of the courtyard is weeds, rocks and barely any soil—plus seven decorative trees I planted when I moved in. The Garden of Stolen Stones  and the area marked “already seeded” are done, but all of the rest remains to be done.
I could do it all at one, the way I did everything else here. But that approach is expensive and I’m out of money for that kind of thing, so I plan to do it, one section at a time over the next year-and-a-half.

Look at that nest!

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