Monday, May 27, 2019

A Day to Relax

My souvenir photo! I still cannot believe I’m typing and reading on my computer without glasses! Inconceiveable!
The goal for Sunday was to exhaust Her Highness so that she’d be lost to sleep whilst I partied in the evening with Patsy, Fran and Sue.
Early in the day I sought my box of spa chemicals. To know what to do, I use test strips with tiny print on them that I can read!  Now my other eye is a source of disappointment. butI concentrate my view through my perfect eye and function fine without glasses.
After a long lovely walk with H.H. in the morning, I came home and pondered the long list of things to do in the yard and the gardens. But instead of attacking the work, I pulled up a lounging chair and had a nap in the sunshine—it’s my preferred position for smelling the roses. (The hammock is in the shade and more ideal in the heat of summer.)
I also planted eight Sweet Boxwood runners into pots. I dipped them in rooting hormone; I really hope they root. Imagine: Free plants (I hope)! I find it rather thrilling that I can propagate plants! What an excellent way to fill a large yard with absolutely divine fragrance and colour.
Mid-afternoon H.H. and I went for a walk on the trail off our street and then we went to Drumbeg because it was just so, so beautiful. I loved the day. I’m always so focused on work around here, but yesterday, taken fully for enjoyment over three walks, was one to remember. I’ll be doing more of that this summer!
The evening was really lovely. Patsy and I went to Sue and Fran’s B&B for drinks seaside before going to The Surf for dinner. It was really fun to be out-and-about with friends and totally unconcerned about Her Highness who, I’m sure, slept the entire time I was away.
I’m going on the dog walk this morning and this afternoon Sue and Fran are coming over with their dogs for a play date in my fenced backyard. It’s predicted to reach almost thirty degrees today!
These are photos from our walk along North Road Trail.

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