Thursday, May 9, 2019

Killer Cords

My body is crying; my shoulders are quivering with dreaded anticipation. Two more cords of wood arrive today and it’s already 15° at 6:30 am, on its way to 26° this afternoon whilst I schlep back and forth from woodpile to stack.
I will stack wood all day until my body revolts, then I’ll spa, eat, sleep and rise again tomorrow to do it al over again. I doubt I will finish it until Saturday morning; that’s what happened last week. Then I rest again until two more cords arrive next week.
These two cords will be easier. I know it. My body has strengthened from stacking the first two cords. And I will rest when I want to. As much as I complain, I love this place and all the work it involves.
The dog walk yesterday morning was wondrous in this summer-like weather. After I got home and dropped off Sheba, I picked up my Pineberries, Raspberries and Strawberries and spent the rest of the day planting them. And what a thrill that was! 
But it took forever. I had to cut the bottom off ten rubber planters and fill them all with soil before I planted the Raspberry canes. (I’m going to have an awful lot of Raspberries I reckon.) There were so many Pineberries and Straberries, it took a long time to get them all into the ground and well soaked. (I got too many but it’s a problem I’m willing to live with.)
I didn’t finish until 4:00—a perfect time to stop and climb into the spa. It was wonderful to be alive yesterday. My garden is now complete. I’ve to re-seed some lettuce and plant my carrots. That’s all that’s left to do.
Those mushrooms in my garden—the ones pictured two posts ago—are poisonous! They are gone now; I dug them up.
My Hummingbird feeder is a monster hit. I can sit and watch them feed for quite a while, but it’s only a nectar feeder so I ordered a Hummingbird protein feeder today. It’s a super thing; you put one or two bananas in it and it becomes a fruit fly fountain to supplement the nectar-only diet I currently provide.

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