Friday, February 26, 2021

Back to Stacking Wood

Thursday broke with clear bright skies. I was surprised because rain had been forecast. But my agenda for the day had me indoors; I made a cake for Merrill and Leo and my first ever quesadillas (chicken) for dinner.

I’ve been off baking since June of 2020 when I decided to lose weight, so it felt really, really great to be baking again. I decided to make a rich chocolate cake and lots of buttercream to slather between the three layers and to coat the cake—but just lightly. Then I hardened the butter cream frosting in the fridge for a long time so that I could cover the cake with a chocolate mirror glaze and top that with some rosettes and chocolate leaves.

I Zoomed with Dianne at three and then went over to Merrill and Leo’s just after four with the cake. They were happy to get the cake; they, like me, have sweet teeth.

Today is another bright sunny day. I’m going on the dog walk with my friends and then coming home to move wood. I face moving a little more than a cord of last year’s wood to a new location so that I can get at it easily and so that the last two incoming cords of green wood can go where the seasoned wood is now. So, another long day of wood moving, but I’m up for it.

I also have some wood chopping to do. Tonight, I’ll be exhausted so I’ll have to find something on Netflix or Prime to watch. I will want to vegetate.

Besides the virus of the atrocious presenter, Lucy Worsley, educational television is also infected with a Scottish virus named Neil Oliver. I see shows with themes that sound interesting and I tape them. Then, when I watch them, I find they are hosted by Mr. Oliver and I find him so disturbing that I can’t watch the program. He is constantly in the frame, like the horrid Miss Worsley. I adore presenters that keep our attention on the subject, not themselves.

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