Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Love Belgravia

Yesterday, I was busy doing chores and making yet another vat of curry soup. I was going non-stop from 6:00 am until 3:00 pm. I did laundry, shopping, vacuuming, cooking, wood chopping and dog walking. But at 4:00, the sky was clearing; it became bright and so I had a lovely spa before hitting the couch for the evening.

I really like Belgravia (so far). It’s an adaptation by Julian Fellows from his book by the same name, so it’s very Downton Abby-ish. Fellows loves to tell stories of class clashing in British society and he’s very good at it. His, Gosford Park, is an amazing and wonderful film; it’s one of my favourite cinemas.

My wood supplier called. Damnation! At the end of the week, or next week, I will have to start stacking wood and I’ve still a lot of wood left from last year. But having lots of wood is not a problem. It’s just very hard work and endless. This time, I am stacking it in a new location and that means a lot of labour clearing the new space I intend to use. The work is going to kill me, but I’m also kind of looking forward to it.

I prefer doing the stacking in warm and bright weather, but what can I do? If I wait, I’ll get green wood and the wood I will get by buying it now is well seasoned and of excellent quality.

This morning, I’ll go for an early walk with her highness because, at nine, I Zoom with Dr. Shoja. For the remainder of the day, I’ll be reading and clearing the woodshed I need to prepare for the arrival of wood for next year’s fires. It’s cold, so I hate working outside, but the sunshine makes it bearable. Plus, I have my plenty of my delicious curry soup for my breaks.

Violet flash Labradorite stone from Madagascar!

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