Monday, February 15, 2021

Cancel the Bloody Windsors!

I managed to snap some photos of birds
 feeding at my feeders yesterday.

I kept waiting for the snow to turn to rain yesterday, but it snowed all day long. Sigh. This morning, the snow on the ground is wet and compressed; gone is the light fluffy blanket that made falling down a joyful experience. This morning, it rains, then it sleets and then it snows, but the cold spell is over and I’m very happy about that. Tomorrow and Wednesday are predicted to be sunny and warmer and then the rain returns. And … my Fuchsia survived!

All Creatures Great & Small (PBS) continues to thrill me, largely, probably, because I find Nicholas Ralph so, so appealing. Last night’s episode had a monster editing/continuity mistake and it irked me to see it. I love the show, but it’s only a C+ production. Miss Scarlet and the Duke (PBS), however, is a total fail for me. I can’t bear it. 

The Great Canadian Baking Show (CBC) got off to a good start, in spite of the new hosts. But the hour felt like almost half of it was commercials. I haven’t watched Belgravia (CBC) yet but will today.

Last night I got a FaceTime call from my friends Allan and Larry who live on Pender Island. I was thrilled to see and speak with them as it has been a while since we talked. It was just fabulous to connect and catch up. 

Today, I begin reading The Tuscan Secret by Angela Petch—another war story. And I’m running out of books again. I have one by David Sedaris and another by Frederik Backman, but I’ve discovered that I’m not much of a fan of humorous writing. 


Megan Markle is pregnant. Why is that news? That entire family bores me silly. Cancel the Windsors.

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