Monday, February 1, 2021


Early Sunday morning, long after the fire had been lit and the pets had been fed and fallen asleep in the glow of its flames, I was at my computer when I heard owls. I went outside and there must have been several of them—Barred Owls—creating a morning chorus that was both beautiful and spooky in the ink blackness. I love my every such experience that I never had living my long life in the city.

Once the daylight came, Sheba and I went for our walk and I came home to read. We had a second walk early in the afternoon so that she would be resting whilst I had a Zoom call with a batch of friends, all of whom were friends of our dearly departed Chris Adkins.

The Zoon call lasted an hour and a half and there were eight of us. It was absolutely fabulous. Several participants wrote to thank me for setting it up, which was nice. We all had a blast being together.

The Los Angeles Covid inoculation site, the largest in the US, was shut down on Saturday by vaccine protesters. I’m aghast! Truly, think about it. It’s one thing to not want a vaccine for yourself, but it’s quite another to prevent others from receiving it. Los Angeles is a Covid hot spot. Were, I the president, I’d lock them all up and charge them conspiracy to murder. Honest to God, what selfish stupid horrid people!

I stepped on the scales this morning (I haven’t done that in over a month) and was horrified, so I took all the candy I’d recently bought and packaged it into four gift bags and I’m taking the bags to my fellow dog walkers later this morning. I’m such an addictive person. But I’ve successfully ended my relationship with smoking and Marijuana, so I’m re-committing myself to avoiding candy and baking. 

The Sympathizer is not yet grabbing me. I hope to be seduced more today. Viet Thanh Nguyen

Is a masterful writer but, so far, I’m easily able to do other things—I’m not feeling compelled to dive in as I was with The Nightingale and Beneath the Scarlet Sky.

I am done with Miss Scarlet and the Duke on PBS. I think it’s truly dreadful. However, every second of All Creatures Great and Small absolutely delights me. It flies by.

Guess what: It’s raining. But Wednesday is looking decent and so I’m on track to visit with the Stills and, failing that, come Friday we’re predicted to enjoy a string of days with sunny weather, so I’ll be able to be outside all day. That will do wonders for my wellbeing. 

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