Monday, February 22, 2021

Bedroom Video!

I had a nice cabinet in my studio, and it stored all my DVDs collected over the years. Plus, I had a DVD player and television on top of it. Yesterday morning, I moved the TV and player into my bedroom and the cabinet into my grand room. Now, on some evenings, I can take a DVD of a favourite film and watch it from my bed. I should have done so ages ago. I’ve never used the TV since I bought it five years ago. Now I will.

Once I got everything hooked up, I wondered if I could get Netflix on the bedroom TV. I unhooked my Apple TV router from my living room machine and hooked it up to the bedroom TV and it worked! I’m so stoked that I can watch Netflix in bed now. I bought another Apple router to hook up the living room TV to Netflix that will be here in a week. Hooray!!

Yesterday was inspiring thanks to the sunshine and not having any wood to stack. Plus, it was truly warm—eight degrees in the morning and twelve in the afternoon. After our walk, I moved a few wheelbarrows full of last year’s wood to my back porch to make room for more incoming wood and to have wood to burn nice and close by.

Inspired by the weather, I did the unthinkable. I moved more wood! I took a lot of wood from the woodshed that I got last year, and stacked it on my back deck, nice and close to my back door so that keeping the fire going will be a lot easier for me for the next several weeks. Plus, I created more space in the woodshed for incoming green wood.

I love Sundays. I love Catherine Duncan’s choral program in the morning and the great television in the evenings. But the best part of the day, yesterday, was being outside in such glorious weather.

In the evening, I was grateful for the abundance of good shows on television. I always enjoy the Great Canadian Baking Show but All Creatures Great & Small was a disaster. Oh my God; talk about treacly! I was suffocating in schmaltz. What a horror and disappointment. Still, there’s the handsomeness of Nicholas Ralph (especially in that long blue overcoat and fabulous scarf) and Callum Woodhouse.

The girlfriend interest and housekeeper both went through unbelievable transformations (for the worse), the scene where James has to decide to continue to Scotland or return to the wedding shot literally in an intersection, Siegfried’s every move around his love interest and the forced dialogue of the farmer couple, talking about love as their dog gave birth to a litter were embarrassingly heavy handed. It was PBS meets Hallmark. Pooey! But I’ll watch next season of course.

Today: Who knows? Right now, there’s lots of clear blue sky but the prediction, of course, is for rain. But it’s still warm. I’ll likely read, maybe go to the grocery store and otherwise chill as I’ve asked to receive the second two cords of wood to stack tomorrow.

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