Sunday, February 14, 2021

Snow, Snow, Snow


The shot above was taken yesterday afternoon.

It’s been one serious snowstorm. It snowed all day yesterday until the late afternoon. Luckily, it did not snow overnight, so my plastic “garage” roof is still intact. This morning, the snow has resumed; the birds started calling to me when they saw me fetching wood. I fed them three times yesterday, such is their demand.

It just snowed and snowed all day, piling up everywhere. Our walks were brief yesterday; blankets, warm curry soup and reading by the fire were the order of the day, the only interruption being a Zoom call with Steve, Bruce, Tim and Mark at two-thirty. I also had to clear the plastic roof and the Hummingbird feeder frequently throughout the day.

The weather forecasters say the snow might turn to rain overnight and that tomorrow we’ll have rain. But tomorrow night, it’s predicted to clear so that Tuesday and Wednesday are bright and sunny. I’m keen to get back to normal temperatures and to lose the snow.

I’m reading my second novel by Celest Ng. I read Little Fires Everywhere and now I’m reading All the Light We Cannot See. She’s a fabulous storyteller. She writes in smooth effortless prose, but it’s her revelations of the complexities of human relationships that really grab me. I’ve been strongly drawn into both novels.

We’ll take short walks again today and Sheba will sleep a lot and I’ll read a lot. But, tonight is a great, great night for television: The Great Canadian Baking Show, Belgravia and Little Creatures Great & Small.

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