Saturday, February 27, 2021

Wood Re-Stacked!

I actually looked forward to re-stacking the wood yesterday when I got home from the dog walk. It was such a beautiful day! I was glad to have something to do outside.  

I did an hour’s worth of work before lunch; I’d barely made a dent in the job that had to be done. So, after a quick lunch, I got right back to it. There was a lot of wood to move. I kept thinking about the spa and the couch I’d enjoy at the end of the day.

I worked for five hours after lunch and got the entire shed emptied—its contents relocated to a smaller shed (that was likely going to become a sauna). Now the big shed is ready for the last two cords that will arrive next week. It felt great to get the wood re-located; I’ve easy access to the remainder of my seasoned wood for the balance of this season and lots and lots of room for the final two cords of new wood.

When I was done, my new Apple TV device arrived. I hooked it up and went through a monster technical challenge to get Netflix, Kanopy and Amazon Prime all working on my TV, but I got it done. It’s fabulous to be so easily able to watch movies streaming from websites on my TV.

I also got my lanyards set up. I now have two to wear with “seizure alert” showing through the clear plastic window. Having this new aid will give me more confidence when I’m out and about this summer in my camping van.

Today’s another sunny and bright day, so I’ll be outside again today, but not schlepping wood. Instead, I’ll be chopping it and doing more cleanup of the yard.

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