Sunday, February 21, 2021

Two Cords Done!

This young man is named Isaiah Jordan.

What a miracle! There was blue sky yesterday morning as I contemplated another twenty barrels full of wood schlepping and stacking. What a break! Both Friday and yesterday were supposed to be days of rain, but it held off and I was able to work in cool but dry weather. I took Sheba for our morning walk early so I could get at the wood. Slow and sure was my mantra. 

I did five loads and took a break. And my God, what a blessing to be working under clear skies, the sunshine making the work feel much easier. It was tiring, the endless lifting and bending, but it was satisfying to see the walls of wood build up in my shed. I was blessed when I purchased this place; it has so much room for storing wood.

I’d done fifteen barrows full by eleven when I stopped for soup. I was thrilled to see how much progress I’d made by my early lunchtime. I ate wondering if I might finish the entire two cords. I decided to give it a try, given how nice a day it was. All I could think about was getting to quitting time, into the spa and onto the couch for an evening of watching television—it’s Prime Suspect night.

My break was only ten minutes. By noon, I was pooped. I’d done twenty-one barrows full and it was time to rest. But I felt I could finish; after a short rest, I was back outside and I’d finished stacking all the wood at 14:00. A half-hour later, I’d swept the tarpaulins clean, folded them and put them away. I made myself a sandwich before taking Sheba for a walk, and then I came home to crash and chill for the rest of the day.

This morning, it’s clear and bright again! I can’t believe it. The forecast has been for rain for the past several days that all turned out to be lovely. It’s predicted to reach 11° today, too! Sheba will be happy today. We’ll have nice long walks instead of the short ones of the past two days when I was wood stacking.

My plants survived the cold; my Sweet Boxwood is blooming and filling the air with the scent of Jasmine. Only a month of Winter remains to be endured; soon they’ll be making Springtime feel real and it’ll be so, so welcome. 

Resolution: To shut up and carry on. No more writing or talking about my speech or seizures. It’s time to move on.

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