Thursday, February 4, 2021

Sushi, Stills and Seizure

I delighted in the sight of stars in the morning sky when I went out for wood with which to light a roaring blaze to keep the house and cats warm whilst I played on the big island. I’m so energized by sunlight; I was excited about the day ahead.

I got in line at 7:45 for the 8:50 am ferry that was, of course, late (departing at 9:15). And once in line, Sheba and I went for a nice forest walk, getting back just in time for the scheduled departure. Traversing the little straight between Gabriola and the big island in blazing sunshine was a joy. Once arrived, we went to Walmart—yes, I am a Walmart shopper—got my supplies and then headed to Parksville.

We went directly to the park to walk along the boardwalk together, passing many other dogs as we walked. Then it was off to the sushi place to pick up our order and then to Jane and Dana’s. They were all ready for me and we ate right away. Oh, the joy of wasabi, rice and tuna in my grateful mouth!

After lunch, Jane and I and our dogs decided to go for a walk together. Just as we were about to depart, I had another nasty seizure that lasted, it seemed to me, two-to-three minutes—for me, that’s a long time to be out of control, rigid and panting. I sat down for a while afterwards and got my bearings, then we were off. That’s two big ones in two days after months without a single one. They are truly awful to experience.

Dana came and gave me gentle support and he didn’t say anything like “slow down” or “take it easy;” he just stood there patiently. Jane was silent too, and so were the dogs. Honestly, to be able to endure such loss of control and awfulness yet be so unjudged and supported by friends is miraculous compensation. I hate my seizures; I love my friends.

By the time I got back, it was time to head south to the ferry. We had a forty-minute wait, but Sheba is now comfortable and happy on the bed in the back of the van where she can sleep in any position she wants. Being co-pilot in the passenger seat was never a comfortable fit for her. We were home just past 4:30 and glad to be home.

I lit the fire and got directly onto the couch before going to bed early and sleeping better than I had in months.

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