Wednesday, February 3, 2021

To Sushi, Jane & Dana


Take a screenshot of the chart above to use as a Christmas card or birthday card for the anti-vaxxers in your life. I hope these anti-science morons lose access to schools and transportation in the future.

It felt very good to be off my butt yesterday. I took Sheba for a long walk because it wasn’t raining and then I cleaned the car—outside and in, before going to the post office to pick up a parcel and then to Twin Beaches to harvest beached seaweed for the garden and my compost.

Wet seaweed in a large plastic garbage bag is heavy! I took two bags but only filled each one less than half-way so that I could carry them back to the (nice clean) car. By the time I got home, the sun was shining, and I was feeling absolutely wonderful.

I transplanted some plants in my edible garden and did some work on the fountain—cleaning it out and helping the Ivy grow up its base. And after that, I researched and recorded directions to the Sushi place I’m going to today, and to Jane and Dana’s house. 

Our afternoon walk was a delight because of the bright sky and the elevated mood it brought on. There were lots of people forest walking and I have no trouble whatsoever saying hello and making brief small talk with them. I love “passing” as a fluent person.

By late afternoon, it was time to do some R&R—reading and relaxing and a nice long soak in the spa. It had been a great day, full of activity and I had today’s adventure to anticipate. But once into the spa, I had a long-lasting body-shaking seizure—something I hadn’t had for many, many months. And then we had hail! Sigh.

I thought my days with seizures were over, but no. At least there was no one around saying things like “take deep breaths,” “slow your breathing,” “calm down” or other such things. I know they’re well-intentioned but if they thought about it for a moment, they’d realize I would if I possibly could. It’s a storm that has to happen and then pass.

Once back to feeling “normal,” I took to the couch for the balance of the day, confident that today would be bright and clear after some morning clouds. I’m very excited about seeing Jane and Dana who are both great and long-time friends, and to having Sushi for the first time in four years. 

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