Tuesday, February 9, 2021


Monday was a bright sunny day, but it was cool. I built up the fire and got under a blanket with my book after going on the dog walk with my group. I did nothing on the TV pitch; after so many seizures and the Zoom call and visit from Kevin and Shelly on Sunday, I wanted to chill all day yesterday. And I had an entire day with no seizure.

After glorious sunshine yesterday, it’s cloudy this morning and as I write, the first flakes of snow are falling—barely, but still…. Damn! The cold, and more flurries, are predicted to last until Friday. Double damn!

Today, in the afternoon, I’m going to walk Sheba with Merrill, the neighbour who’s moved in next door. She’s a lovely person and a new mother, so I look forward to meeting her baby as well—and maybe her husband.

Today will be a day of big fires, cozy blankets and reading.

Tree (left); fingerprint (right).

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