Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Animals and Music

Animals have music-loving souls.

Warm air, brilliant sunshine, longer days and getting vaccinated is imminent: Life is feeling better and better with each new day.

This morning has begun with restraint. I was up, as usual, before five but I couldn’t eat or drink anything but water because I have to have my quarterly blood tests at eight. I’ve had to endure hours of desperately wanting food and caffeine.

I did no yard work, after all, yesterday. After the dog walk and going to Doug and Giesla’s to deliver birthday wishes (outdoors; masked), I went shopping and came home to make my favourite curry soup. Then Her Highness and I went for a lovely sunshiny walk before an equally lovely spa and then it was almost time for dinner.

Today, do some work in the yard, but for sure I’ll be moving my barbeque into its Summer place, plus I’ll definitely enjoy my daily spa in this sunshine, and I’ll finish my wonderful book.

Ethel is getting more and more cuddly and I couldn’t be happier. Fred loves to plop himself close by and he lovesattention. All I have to do is look at him, and he purrs. Ethel, though, is wanting to sleep on my lap or beside me, leaning on me. It’s wonderful to have such loving pets. 

One of my favourite things of every day, is going to bed. When I get it, Sheba gets up—she’s always first to bed, long before me—and lets me get settled before coming and lying down right up against my chest with her head on my outstretched arm. I love going to sleep wrapped around her; it’s exactly the same thing every single night and always has been.

The Garlic I planted last Fall is coming up looking very healthy and there’s a lot of it. I also planted a lot of Garlic about a month ago that’s mature much later in the year, so I’m set for lots of Garlic tarts this year. I love making Garlic and cheese tarts—they’re quiche-like and delicious.

I got an electric water flossing machine. It’s going to be interesting getting used to using it. 

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