Monday, March 29, 2021


The lovely wide Tait Road trail.

Twenty seconds of (large-is) hail fall yesterday.

I took Sheba to a favourite Summer trail yesterday morning—the Tait Road trail. I like it because it’s a fire road; fire fighters use it if there’s ever a fire in the forest. It’s wide, so friends can walk side-by-side, but in Winter it’s covered in water. Huge puddles, lakes almost, fill up in the Fall and that’s why I’m only a summer user.

We walked for an hour and light, light rain started falling so we headed back to the car and got back just as (welcome) real rain started. The rest of the day was classically Spring: bright sunny periods and then dark cloudy ones.

My neighbour, a fisherman, has his home open again as a fish store. He has Tuna, Cod and Prawns at bargain prices. His goods are flash frozen on his boat. I’m definitely up for the Prawns so that I can make Prawn risotto, and I’ll ask about the grade of the Tuna. If it’s Sushi grade, I’m in.

At 2:30 it got really dark. I was online and my computer went off and I think it was due to lightning. As I was rebooting it, it started hailing—really hailing. It was a dense downpour of pea-sized hail that lasted about four minutes and then it haled for another five minutes of small hail. And it got very, very windy. I loved the sound of the hail on my metal roof and I loved being warm and cozy indoors. I’m so glad I wasn’t out walking with Sheba.

At 3:15, it started snowing—not for long, but big wet flakes as the sky started getting brighter. And then, by 5:30, after some strong wind and a short power failure, the sun was out, and the sky had cleared. And then the wind picked up and between 4:00 and 11:00 last night we had four more short power failures.

Going to sleep was hard because there were soft (Fir cones) and loud (branches) noises as things landed on the metal roof of the house. I took an Ativan to go to sleep and I’m glad I did because today I have a lot of work to do and the pill gave me a good sound sleep.

One very large branch collapsed one corner of my garage tent; I’ll have to fix it today. And another huge branch, one too heavy for me to lift, fell into my edible garden but it fell between my raised beds thank God! And in the backyard, another enormous branch just missed one of my gardens. It, too, will have to be cut up so that I can remove it.

I’ll go for a dog walk with my friends this morning, and I’ll bet everyone will have a lot to say about the storm. I think that was the worst storm yet, since I’ve lived here. Then I’ll come home to do yard work all day, clearing forest fall from the yard. 

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