Sunday, March 14, 2021

Daylight Savings! Hooray!

Brenda Gordon sent me the same photo of my father that my nephew Paul sent to me last week. This one is larger and this time I actually looked at it. Douglas Haig Gordon is one handsome man! I wish I looked like him. There are similarities in the shape of our heads and faces. It feels good to see something of a resemblance. But I’m a twin of my birth mother, Fran├žoise. Still, I’m chuffed to be Douglas’ son.

I seeded the front lawn, fertilized it and covered the seeds with a light layer of more soil. It’s done. So is more wood chopping and the courtyard is looking nice and tidy again. Today, I’m going to get a “free” (Aeroplan points) long-handled hoe with which to start tidying up the gardens. God, I love being outside. 

We’ve had fabulous weather (for Winter) ever since the beginning of the third week in February, right after the big snowfall. We’ve had so little rain that the gardens will soon need watering unless we get some of the predicted showers for today.

I had a quick lunch and then was back outside cleaning the edible garden. It’s really looking good. All the alleys between the boxes are clear of all the Winter forest fall. The Clematis I hope to grow along its fence is looking lush with blossoms, so I hope it’s healthy. There are buds on all the berry bushes now.

At three, I was finished with the yard work. I felt extreme joy the entire time I was outside. It was twelve degrees in sunlight filtered through slight clouds. I loved, loved, loved being outside, so I got Her Highness and we went for a nice long sunny afternoon walk on a trail I know gets great exposure in the afternoons. No coat! Heaven!

Last night I watched In and Of Itself, a truly remarkable show—part magic, part one-man-show and part performance art, it’s mesmerizing. The text is about perception and self-image … and magic. And its creator, Derek DelGaudio, is incredibly clever and theatrical. It’s a unique wonder. (If you want to see it, search its trailer (using the title, duh) on YouTube and when the trailer is done, you can click on a button to watch it. It costs $5.99 and it’s definitely worth it.)

So now it’s Daylight Savings Time. Tonight, it won’t be dark until almost eight. Woo hoo! And next Sunday, Spring’s officially underway. This is the first time in my life that I’ve put my garden in order in Winter—way ahead of my usual time. With all the work done, come the good weather, I can focus on using my van for adventures instead of undertaking some major project in Pinecone Park. 

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