Saturday, March 20, 2021

Chill Friday

Friday was for chillin’. After thee seizures Thursday night and three more Friday morning, I was wasted. Both times, the three seizures came one right after the other and I got scared that they wouldn’t stop.

So, I settled in to read the book I’m enjoying so, so much. That’s all I wanted to do. Let the Great World Spin is written by Callum McCann; the guy’s a genius wordsmith, painting extraordinary pictures of settings and people. He’s a brilliant stylist, writing absolutely compelling text. It’s relentlessly impressive and arresting. Thank God for great and imaginative storytellers (so many of whom are Irish)!

This morning I’m walking Her Highness in the rain and then baking an Apple cake because this afternoon I’m going walking with Merrill and then she’s coming here for cake and tea on her way home (next door). I think we’ll be eating indoors. The rest of the time, I’ll be reading.

In the end, discovering my birth father’s family doesn’t change anything. Finding my birth mother was far, far more fulfilling, but as I say, ultimately it’s my own solitary experience that informs my identity. Still, it was an interesting and worthwhile experience.

Today is a lousy day in which to celebrate the arrival of Spring (and the end of Winter). It’s wet out there from overnight rain and it looks like we’ll have showers today. There’s still no sign of life in the lawn I seeded. I planted it too early. I’ll cope. 

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