Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Monday: A Tour of Pinecone Park

I had a slow easy day yesterday. I didn't feel up to much but rallied a bit in the afternoon, so I went on a walkabout in Pinecone Park and here are the photos I took (in the order in which they chose to load themselves). 

The Ivy helps make the fountain look aged. 
It gets so full of birds in the Summer, I
added the small bath for them.

There are spots of colours scattered about.

The were three large Ferns here when I moved in.
Now all the other Ferns I planted are maturing.

The front lawn I just re-seeded.

The Edible Garden—more to come.

The Clematis about to bloom on the
fence of the Edible Garden.

The Raspberry Row is lined with Garlic
and Strawberries.

The Blueberry Row is lined with Garlic
and Strawberries, too.

As is the Gardenia Row (for my nose)
 lined with Garlic 
and Strawberries.

Garlic shoots are everywhere.

The Herb Garden.

One of many Hydrangeas.

Two clamps with which I fixed my
Landscapers' Rake.

My new garden tool so I can do some
garden maintenance while standing.

Croci are everywhere.

The Azaleas.

The backyard was rock and shite when I moved in.

My new temporary Basil home.

TheTarte Aux Prunneaux I made: Sideview. The bottom
is pastry with lots of Baking Soda so it rises nice and
thick like shortbread. The Plums, picked here last year
and frozen, were thawed, pat-dried and seasoned with
Ginger, Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Custard on top.

This is the wood I stacked that's in my shed. There's
about five meters row deep.

This is the wood in my Woodshed; there's just over
two meters and there are two rows here.

This is a small building that was probably going
to be a sauna. 

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