Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Asparagus Soup! Yes!


After months of sitting on my butt or, even more than sitting, lying on the couch, I’m feeling wonderfully energized by the weather and by the enumerable chores needing doing in the yard..

I awoke yesterday to a clear dark sky; the stars were blindingly bright, as was the full moon. It was glorious. But by nine, when I went for a walk with Her Highness, it had completely clouded over and it saddened me because of how nice a day Monday had been, doing work all day in sunshine. I thought I’d be spending the day indoors, so I went to the village and got supplies to make Asparagus soup.

By the time I got home, though, the sun was out, and the sky was clear. I had lunch, fed the pets and then I got myself outside to clear the back deck, the edible garden and the courtyard of their covering of forest fall. The large branch that fell on the edible garden—one of three, too large to carry—was the big challenge, but I used my skill saw to get it into pieces that were manageable. (The photos above are of two of the three branches that fell; the photos don’t effectively convey the size of them.)

There’s much, much more to do to bring the yard back into order: the front lawn is still adrift in crap from the storm, as is the entire backyard lawn. And all the gardens are submerged in Fir cones and twigs. It’s going to take quite a few more days to get it all done.

When I got everything done that I wanted to do yesterday, I got into the spa and then I made the soup. Oh my God! How I love Asparagus soup. It’s delicious and so, so French. I saw a post on Beth’s friend Juliet’s blog; she lives in Paris and posted a photo of Asparagus soup she’d made. As soon as I saw it, I wanted some. I’ll be making this soup again many, many times. Yum!

This morning, it gives me terrific pleasure to look to my left, out the backdoors to see the pristing courtyard. Pinecone Park can look so beautiful to me when it’s all tidied up!

Today I’ll be working on the backyard lawns after the dog walk with my friends. And man-oh-man will I be eating well today: Asparagus soup and a sandwich for lunch and Prawn risotto for dinner. Double yum!

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