Sunday, March 21, 2021

Just Another Day

A thoroughly pleasant surprise was the wonderful sunshine that emerged early in the morning and stated for the day. I baked my cake early, using Apples from Doug and Gisela’s orchard that I picked last year, and ground all the spices myself from raw spice seeds (except the cinnamon). And then I did some yard work before settling in to read more of the absolutely fabulous book I’m reading whilst awaiting my walking date with Leo and Merrill.

Our walk was great. Merrill and Leo are delightful. And when we got back here, we ate the cake and had tea indoors and a really nice visit. I’d proposed the walk and invited them for cake. Still, I had a seizure and so it felt good, too, when they left, and I was back on my own. The only people I don’t seize with are my fellow dog walkers: Judith, Regina and Dianne—and, sometimes, Nola. I conclude that familiarity—seeing them every second day—and being outdoors allows me to visit without seizing.

Today is wet and dark. If we’re to have days like this, it’s best on Sunday—my favourite day to write off and slouch through. Tonight: The Great Canadian Baking Show and Belgravia.

Warm and sunny weather is predicted for the end of this coming week. My newly seeded lawn may get some germination underway if the predictions come to pass. I am more than ready for some real Spring weather. 

I got busy reading this morning, so this post is late.

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