Saturday, March 27, 2021

Vaccine Appointment!

 Chop wood? Maybe later.

Not long after getting home from the dog walk, I got my lounge chair out of storage and got a blankie and got comfortable in the sunshine. I loved feeling the warmth and the feeling of sunshine on my skin. I figured this was how I’d build up my energy for chopping wood. Besides, the next week is going to be fine, so there’s lots of time for chores.

I hate it when your doctor calls after some tests and asks you to come in—to come in, not to have a Zoom appointment; I hate the worry and anxiety that sets in. It was blood tests I had, and so I’m concerned my HIV count is up or that my blood sugar is high. Now I wait for my appointment.


Relief: The smart gardeners of Rollo Park have seeded their lawns, so I’m no longer concerned about having done mine too early. I reckon that sometime soon, I’ll see 

I called and registered for my vaccine after I chopped the wood I needed for another couple of weeks. It was easy to get through, but I was on hold listening to beautiful (sic) music for fifteen minutes. I got an appointment on April 11th in Nanaimo. I’m thrilled! If I wait to do it at the clinic here on Gabriola, I have to board a bus full of people and I don’t want to do that.

Also, I get a voucher so that the ferry ride is free, and I’ll be able to do some shopping and go to the White Spot for one of their to-die-for burgers. Yum!

Our second walk yesterday was lovely because it was 13° in Rollo Park. Heaven! Today, however, is cloudy, but it’s light cloud. It won’t rain.  We’ll walk and I’ll read, but Saturday will be just another day. And that’s it; that’s all I have to say because my life is so, so dull.

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