Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Dorrits and the Windsors

Tuesday was a write-off. I napped several times and went to bed early. I had no energy or desire. My batteries were dead. But after a great and long night’s sleep, I felt normal again on Wednesday and so yesterday I got so busy, I forgot to write a post. 

It was a dull day yesterday, but it wasn’t raining so the morning dog walk was dry, and it wasn’t cold either. So, when I got home, I gathered stuff from my shed and took it to our recycling center and then came home to rake the driveway and clear it of hundreds of Fir cones and little branches.Then I did the same to part of the backyard lawns and the front yard. It felt very, very good to tidy up Pinecone Park a little.

I wrote for two more cords to be delivered but I’ve not heard back from Bob about a delivery. I’m not minding not having to stack wood at all, but I hope to hear from him soon so that I can get the final two cords stacked into my woodshed.

Today is dull again but not raining. I expect to do more yard work if the rain holds off. I have to take Her Highness to the groomers, so I’m going to see if I can get some Primula’s to plant to bring some early colour to the deck planters. And I’ll do more raking of the lawns.

The Windsors give me a pain. It’s fine to me that the family serves as tourist fodder for England, but I despair over the rest of the world’s thinking that they deserve any attention at all. I read online that “Buckingham Palace” is investigating charges of bullying on the part of Megan Markle—a woman I can’t respect for marrying into that daft family.

Undertaking an investigation into bullying on her part appals me given that the palace has not investigated any of the sordid activities of Andrew Windsor, given his long and visible relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and his accusers. What a sad joke of a family! 

I reckon that being outside and working is very good for me. I sense that my mental health has improved. I notice that I can speak better to people I pass as I walk with Her Highness and with friends on Skype or Facetime, and I haven’t had a seizure for a week!

I’m watching and really enjoying Little Dorrit on CBC Gem. My bedroom, as a child, was in our basement in what we euphemistically called our rec room. It was full of books my parents inherited from, probably, my mother’s mother—I never saw either of them read—and there was a set of the collected works of Charles Dickens.

I read many of them and was entranced by his stories of hardship, but I never read Little Dorrit. The series stars Clair Foy, who was so wonderful in The Crown, and Matthew Macfadyen—plus the amazing Tom Courtenay and Judy Parfitt.

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