Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Sunday night something happened. Monday morning, walking with my fellow dog walkers, I had two seizures and I neverseize with my walking group. The rest of Monday felt okay though.

Well … yesterday was torture. I went in for my blood tests and couldn’t even get sound out. Plus, I felt like shit, so when I came home, I went to bed and when I got up I felt marginally better, but I stayed inside all day on the couch and napped a lot. In the evening I felt decent, but I went to bed early. 

Normally, when I try to talk when I’m alone, I can’t but sounds come out. Well…no more. It’s a little frightening to be suddenly and inexplicably much worse off. I’ve always hoped that I’d get better; now I’m worried that I may get worse over time. It has never occurred to me before that things might get worse.

I feel decent today, but I still cannot make even a sound. I’m going to see how things go, but I may write to Dr. Shoja for help. This is not good.

I’ve got my date: This Friday I can call in for an appointment to be vaccinated starting at noon. In theory, I will get vaccinated next week. Hurrah!


Today’s task is wood chopping. It’s cloudy and chilly, so I won’t mind chopping in the shed. Otherwise, today’s agenda is reading and chillin’.

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