Tuesday, March 9, 2021

I've Written to My Half-brother's Wife!

This scene above is from the southwest coast of England depicts a "superior mirage." It's a type of optical illusion that appears under particular weather conditions. When there's a layer of cold air on top of a layer of warm air, light refracted through it distorts.

Monday had such an incredible beginning. I heard from Lee, giving me contact to my half-brother, before dawn. What a start to a day—a day that became bright and sunny!

I went dog walking with my little group and then came home to stack wood. As I worked, I pondered my good fortune at meeting the Gordon family. To feel, from these “strangers,” so much enthusiasm and warmth astounds me. My parents never ever expressed enthusiasm for me; I can’t get over being desired by family.

And more good news: Gabriola is going to host an immunisation clinic for everyone, regardless of age. Island Health will be sending a team to our island to inoculate every adult in consecutive day-long clinics until we are all vaccinated. That is fact; I read it on the Island Health website. Rumour has it on the island, that this will occur this month or next.

It actually felt good to be back toting and stacking wood. At the relaxed pace of doing the last two cords, it is pleasant work. With each load, I was closer to finishing and moving on to re-seeding the front lawn—my next project. It’s so, so wonderful to be spending my days outdoors—plus I’m reading a great book, tolerating my new drugs and so, so happy to be a member of the Gordon family.

I did ten wheelbarrows full, did some shopping and then came home and did ten more barrows full. Then it was time for a spa and then a relaxing evening by the fire. I’ve reconfigured my living room, yet again, and each time it gets more and more comfortable and cozy. 

It didn’t rain last night, and the day has dawned with promise of decent weather, so I’ll walk Her Highness and get back to my toting and stacking. I might get close to finishing with the wood but I’ve lots of time to do it so I won’t push myself. 

I’m in very good spirits because last night I could feel the headache that had been bothering me for over a week, melt away. I’d had a persistent (but mild) pain in the back of my head; I was afraid it was becoming a permanent issue for me, but it disbursed last night and for the first time since the weekend before last, I woke up with absolutely no head pain this morning. It’s a huge relief.

As I lay in bed last night, I realized how anxious I’m becoming about meeting people from the Gordon family because I can’t see myself going through such an emotional experience fluently or without having a seizure—and what a nasty way to present myself. So, last night I was pondering how I might best experience meeting Paul Robertson or my half-brother for the first time.

This morning, I wrote to Brenda Gordon. She is married to Paul, my half-brother. It was weird writing to strangers asking them to accept me and allow me to get to know them and their sister, Sue. I did the best I could, being careful to include that should they want me to get lost, I would. But now I am waiting for her response, hoping that she’ll be open to my request. There’s no guidebook for such an enterprise. More to come …

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