Friday, March 26, 2021

Vaccine Registration Day

Today is another stunner. Yesterday truly felt like Spring! It reached 13° yesterday and will again today. And it’s going to be lovely for the coming week (except for Sunday which is predicted to be cloudy). I hope I get out in the yard today! Yesterday, I walked Sheba three times, but the rest of the time I just read and lay around.

I remember once, as a child, thinking it very, very funny when someone on television said, “MY ‘get up and go,’ got up and went.” That’s something I might have said over the past few days. I’ve been experiencing back pain, horrid foot pain (I have Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot) and a general malaise due to the severity of my speech loss.

I walked Sheba with our friends this morning and now, I hope, I’ll feel like chopping some wood and attending to raking the back lawn. But most important today, is calling in for a vaccine appointment. I’m eligible to register as of noon today.

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