Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All Day in the Kitchen

Today was spent entirely in the kitchen.

First I made my favourite mayonnaise. Then I made a delicious coleslaw salad (Ottolenghi) that takes a lot of time to make. I loved doing it on a rainy day. I had no desire to go outdoors.

Then I made eighteen potato cakes (Ottolenghi again) stuffed with divinely delicious fresh herbs, jalapeno, and tamarind paste. I will fry them up when my guests (Dwight and Beth) visit. I’ve made both these dishes before.

Then, because I had lemon curd and raspberry purée left over from yesterday, I made a lemon curd tart with (unsweetened) raspberry coulis and meringue for sweetness….

I made two tarts. This is the small one with the lemon curd.
This is the large one with the raspberry coulis added on top.
Then the meringue. Yum!

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