Friday, March 18, 2016

Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Yesterday I walked fifteen kilometers to get to Los Guerreros Latin Foods. It was a wonderful day for it, so sunny and warm. I put on a down coat as I left because there was ice on the roof across the street, but I was soon way to warm with it on so I put it in my backpack. But boy am I glad I had it, because I wrapped the frozen passion fruit pulp I bought in it to keep it cold during my walk home.

I now have two bags of frozen passion fruit pulp, a large bottle of passion fruit extract, a large jar of passion fruit jam and a bowl of fresh pulp and juice I extracted manually from eight passion fruits I bought at the market.

There is scant information on the web about infusing passion fruit flavouring into baking and ice cream, so I am going to do some experimenting. It is such a delicious and exotic flavour and not common; hence my “passion” for it. It’s an appropriate flavour for me, given my enthusiasm for beautiful and delicious things.

I’ve stewed the passion fruit pulp to get the water out of the pulp I got out of eight fruit. It was demanding work separating all the seeds. I’ve made a composite recipe and today will be my first time making ice cream at home and the first time using my new ice cream maker — not (a universally panned) Kitchen Aid, by the way, but a Cuisinart.

Okay, it’s later. I could not wait to try it. I should have waited until tomorrow, but I couldn’t. Here’s my passion fruit ice cream:

Under way ...

It's smooth, creamy and delicious!

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