Thursday, March 31, 2016


“Roux” is the name I give to my Aussie voice.

Last night as Beth and I drank champagne in the sunshine and about Roux and with me speaking as Roux and Beth was very positive about my uncanny ability to speak as Roux and inability to speak in my own voice. She said: “Who cares? Even if you have to do it forever, it works!”

She’s right of course and I was reminded of my stress course: It’s not what happens that is important, but how you react to it. I have been fighting Roux. Yes, “he” is handy for emergencies and convenience, but at stores and at the hospital yesterday, I spoke in my own horrid broken whisper because that is me—true me. And I want to be me with doctors and friends when I can.

About yesterday… it was an important day. It was the day my pile of shorts moved from the top, inaccessible shelf, to pride of place in my closet. I enjoyed my day in the sunshine yesterday in shorts and a T. It is magnificent weather.

My medical tests revealed that my arm problems are due to arthritis on my spine and not nerve degeneration. There’s nothing to be done about the arthritis: I came, I saw, I age.

On the way back from Ming Wo I took the path through the dog park so I could get some good dog time. I had a lovely time with two canine brothers and their owner and then decided to move on, passing another set of brothers.

I stopped, offered my hand in peace and the owner of the second set of brothers said, “She’s not too friendly.” I made a quip and continued on to a bench in the sunshine to have some coke and check for emails. Then the owner of the second set of canine twins was seated beside me and after some pleasant conversation she asked if she could give me her number so I could give her a call.

I said immediately: “I am not who you think” and I explained Roux; it was not a gay warning. And I told the women with the two dogs — one with orange toe nails — I would, so she typed her contact information into my phone. I could not say, “No” when she asked if she could give me her number. 

Now, off to find Beth and get out in the sunshine….

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