Tuesday, March 8, 2016

MANY Baby Shrimp / Best Challah Yet

Good height, decent aeration and divine taste.
But how can you go wrong? This is challah!

This morning, Costin (Fish Boy) came to help me with my semi-monthly cleaning of my aquarium. We turned off the pump, took out the filter and went to the kitchen to clean it. We opened it carefully and went through each compartment studying every single surface and we found what we both expected.

There were baby shrimp in there feasting (in the dark) on plant and animal waste. There were about fifteen of them, so now I have a lot of brilliant red baby shrimp.

My tank is a sea of green. There are two-to-three inches of grass growing on the floor and a forest of green plants fills the rest of my sixty-gallon tank. The fish and shrimp provide the colour, but the shocking-red shrimp look particularly good in the lush sea of green. They are like flowers in my wet garden.

As soon as Costin left, I went to the aquarium store and got a mesh net to put over the valve through which water exits the tank for cleaning so there’s no more torturing of my baby shrimp because I noticed a very pregnant female.
I made my third loaf of challah (see above). I used exactly the same ingredients as last time, but I mixed them differently. I mixed the (wet) yeast thoroughly into the water and then into the egg/oil mixture before adding all the wets to the dry. Also, whereas I put most of the sugar in with the dry ingredients as is usual, I put some in with the yeast to feed it and this time, the rise is much better. I am stoked.

I am going to Gourmet Warehouse on Thursday to get supplies for a macaron making party I am having here with my friend, Candy. And I’ll get some sugar crystals with which to lightly cover my next loaf of challah.

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