Wednesday, March 2, 2016

First "Electric" Bread

Well I tried making some bread here at home with my electric oven and I was disappointed in both the bread and myself. The crust was tough. At least I knew why; I proofed the bread in too warm a place. And the dough seemed limp; it would not hold its shape. I didn’t serve it to my guests on Sunday due to my dismissal of it.

I’d made two small buns and two demi-baguettes. I was so disappointed in them, I tossed the remaining dough into recycling instead of baking more baguettes and I set my dismal looking baking aside. The good news; I had a nice moist oven. My misting method worked excellently.

Sunday night, long after my guests had left, I decided to at least see how they looked inside. I wanted to see if the dough had risen nicely and had airy pockets. It had. Then I ate some and holy crap — it was delicious. I ate it all. Call me doughboy.

As with every skill, it is going to take lots of practice to get bread making down, but I am committed to baking all my bread henceforth. And the zucchini pecan bread I made will be back too, as well as the scones and pastries. Taking this course has proven to be a terribly wise decision.

As I write this post, I am off to Le Crocodile, one of my favourite restaurants and one of the best in Vancouver, for lunch. When I come home, I will be starting some Mother for future breads and making some bread using the wet yeast I have on hand.

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