Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday Cooking Class

Our classroom eat Dirty Apron school.
Chef Matt and the wonderful mirrors above him.
Talk about weird.

I went to a cooking class tonight. I thought about how I would talk as I walked there an decided that I had no choice but to speak Aussie. So right from the get go I was Roux. And wouldn't you know it, the young woman staff member who welcomed me was from Sydney Australia. I was mortified, but when I apologized for my accent, she said she never doubted I was from Oz but she thought I was from Perth. She was really kind and lovely.

Then we all had our first demonstration (boeuf bourguignon ) and then we each made our own. And while it was cooking, we made lobster thermidor. I actually put a live lobster into boiling water. Then I went into the dining room and cried. I am such a wus.

When the lobster was ready, we went into the dining room to eat our lobster and there I met the people around me — and right across from me was a speech therapist. I instantly told her my accent was completely fake and she was fascinated. Now we are email connected and I have promised to stay in touch.

Now the really weird part. When I went to show her my normal (crappy) voice, I had trouble finding it. In just two days, I have become so used to talking with this silly accent, that its actually hard to remember how to speak in my normal accent and voice. What the hell is going to happen to me.

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