Sunday, March 6, 2016

Flora Abundante

It is sunny and warm again today, like yesterday. Yesterday it was 14° — a  bad summer day on March 5th. I walked to school in the morning. I love it when it dawns sunny on Saturdays affording me this wondrous way to begin my favourite day of the week (whilst these classes last). I put on a t-shirt, a light sweater and a spring coat and headed off.

After ten minutes, I was so warm I had to put my jacket into my backpack and then, not much later, my sweater came off too. And I changed in the shade; I, who am cold phobic, was not cold at all. Then I went to my fabulous class.

I wanted to walk home but I always have such a huge box of things to carry back, so I took a cab home. I can proudly report that I only ate one small choux pastry after I got home.

Here are some shots from my walk yesterday.

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