Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Big Step for My Voice

I have an appointment in June with the voice specialist who misdiagnosed me. It was my choice and the recommendation of my GP to go back to him. The first time I got an appointment with him, I waited eight months to get in. This time, the wait is three months.

I am so worried about what speaking in Aussie is doing to my head that I started looking up things about speech therapy online and I found this interesting speech therapy centre here in town that offers free 30-minute assessments. I am booked for next week.

The free assessment will give the therapist an opportunity to familiarize herself with my problem and enough time to provide me with a financial quote for a full on, professional technical assessment of my condition. No matter what the cost, I am up for it. What better use for my money?

I am keeping the appointment with Dr. Morrison. I will the diagnosis from this paid-for assessment to take with me. I do not mind having two professional opinions. I have been open with this second centre about my upcoming rendezvous with Dr. Morrison.

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