Monday, March 14, 2016

Voice Better / The Skinny Italian Chef

I am definitely talking better and sweet Jesus it feels good to sense improvement. Is it coincidence that this improvement has come immediately after receiving Bruce's "diagnostic" email and a few days thought.

I feel that I have learned a great deal about myself by talking to friends about my lifestyle. Bruce, Beth and Steve have each contributed valuable personal insights just like I'd expect of true friends. By asking  questions and sharing observations and by speaking objectively about my choices, they have likely brought about this improvement. Is that not great?!

(I wonder if, when my appointment at the voice clinic comes, it will be fully recovered — and if so, what will happen.)

I got Massimo Bottura's book Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef. The recipes are very challenging but I may develop the courage. The photographs are stunning and it is composed like no previous cookbook I have seen. There are no recipes with the photographs and the elaborate essays about each dish. The recipes are all in the back in tiny type.

And now, to my living room. Robin is on her way over for crème brûlée and champagne. We'll do the drinking first. I have reason to celebrate.

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