Saturday, March 19, 2016

Baking & Pastry Skill Building Class #6

Fruit tarts. One has lemon curd as its base but
the other two have pastry cream.
Mini apple, fig and mascarpone  pies.
Banana cream pies.
Pecan pies.

This class had us learning from a new teacher: Kristin. Each of the three teachers we have had have been fine. Christine, our regular teacher, is the best at pedagogy but Kristin was fun. She had to hurry us a lot and she is more casual than the other teachers. Our task today was pastries and pies/tarts.

The point of this class (and a major reason for my interest in it) was pastry making. I love the individual apple pies we made. They have figs and mascarpone cheese as well as apples and by making them in individual tins (and crimping the edges) they got a nice rustic look.

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