Saturday, March 5, 2016


Friday was like Christmas and I was Santa. I bussed to Gourmet Warehouse and bought a bread peel. But, of course, I had to look around. I also got some more of the award-winning olive oil, two bars of very fragrant Jasmine soap and a lampe berger. The lampe berger is gorgeous. It is sand-blown glass and shaped like a rock. I got Jasmine sent for it. It is heavenly to light.

And then I went to the aquarium store and got six more tiny red shrimp to add to my breeding stock. Then, when I got home, the intercom rang. It was Purolator with my new little wood (veneer) radio.

I love having the little radio. Who knew? I found CBC FM right away and sat down to decide what to bake whilst listening to my new radio. I decided to try to make a loaf of challah. (See photo above.) As with the baguettes, the look is "C" or "C-" but the taste is good. The texture is not great though. It is too heavy. It should be lighter.

And it's Saturday. Yay. Cooking class. And then a quiet night at home (like every other night).

UPDATE: Challah done better.

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