Saturday, March 19, 2016

YAY!! ~ Another Day at School

Today is class six, of eight. Soon this wonderful course will be over. Damn. But its legacy will be all the baking I will be doing henceforth. I am really excited about this hobby; it affords endless happiness. It’s like reading: There are as many recipes as there are stories.

Tomorrow (or tonight) my plan is to make Yotam Ottolenghhi’s Spice-Stuffed Potato Cakes. The recipe is illustrated by a photo essay on how to make these little pillows of spicy greens. I can hardly wait to both make them and eat them. I love the idea of making them whilst watching something juicy on TV wherein the actors have British accents.

Tuesday is my first baking party with Candy. We’re going to make macarons. I hope we make a second date for next month and that we make either pâte à chou or choux pastry. 

Off I go to class….

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