Thursday, March 17, 2016

Passion Fruit Purée and Carrageenan

It’s a beautiful sunny day. This is my plan: Bus to Gourmet Warehouse to get some passion fruit purée (and check out any other fruit purées). I don’t expect to find any so I plan to walk to Los Guerreros, a Latin food store, because passion fruit purée is used in Latin cooking. Los Guerreros is at 41st and Kingsway, so I plan to come home by walking along 41st to Granville — that’s a 15K walk.

The purée is for making ice cream. The desire for passion fruit has come from a taste of it at baking school. I knew how good it was; I bought (organic) fresh picked passion fruit by the bagful in Zanzibar ever day. 

I am also going to get some carrageenan. I have used it before as a thickening agent in water when marbling paper. It’s derived from seaweed. Now I will be using a little in my ice cream when the flavoring if/when the flavouring is particularly wet.